How to Set Up MetaTrader’s Email Alert Option.

MetaTrader cannot send an email alert on its own. The only way a MetaTrader terminal can do this is through an existing email account. This article discusses how to setup your MetaTrader terminal’s email alert feature. Expert advisors and indicators with an email alert option require the completion of the following steps. All you need is an email address.

Open a free Microsoft Outlook or Gmail email account.
If you are asked to set up two-step verification while creating your email address, don’t do it. MetaTrader will not be able to access your email account if two-step verification is in place. After the email account is set up create a contact for your new email address.

Set up the MetaTrader email alert feature found in MetaTrader Settings.
Open your MT4 trading platform and go to Tools > Options (or click CTRL+O). Now enter the following settings in the Email tab:

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  1. Enable: Check enable

  2. SMTP server: if gmail enter [] if outlook enter []

  3. SMTP login: [Enter your email address]

  4. SMTP password: [Enter your email password]

  5. From: [any name goes here, email address entered in the SMTP login field] NOTE: the “any name goes here” entry appears on your received emails as a from name with gmail but not outlook. Outlook ignores it, at least for me.
  6. To: [Enter the email address entered in the SMTP login field]

Test Your Settings.

Click the test button- you should see a pop up confirming the message was queued, “test message has been sent” should appear in your MetaTrader journal area and the test message email should appear in your email’s inbox. Metatrader email account monitor

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If your message does not send

  1. Double check your field entries especially the smtp server field.
  2. Close then reopen your MetaTrader platform and test email message again.
  3. Check your email settings and make sure two factor authorization is not turned on.
  4. Check your “junk mail” folder. Create an email contact for your email address.



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